Sewer Rates

The current Sewer Rates effective September 27, 2022 are shown below.  

Monthly Sewer Rates 

Monthly Costs Per Account

Monthly Account Charge (Cost per Account)$4.86

Residential Rates Per Dwelling Unit

Single Family Residential, Mobile Home on a lot$38.31
Multiple Family (2-4 Dwelling Units), one additional Dwelling Unit or Mobile Home on a lot$29.11
Apartments (5 or more Dwelling Units), Mobile Home Space in a Mobile Home Park$25.97

Commercial Quantity Charge (Cost per 100 cubic feet)

Group 1-BOD + TSS is 400 mg/l or less$3.85
Group 2-BOD + TSS is 401 mg/l to 900 mg/l$5.05
Group 3-BOD + TSS is 901 mg/l to 1,400 mg/l$6.29
Group 4-BOD + TSS is 1,401 mg/l or more$7.79

Industrial Charges (Additive Components)

Flow Charge ($/Million gallons)$3,739.76
BOD Charge ($/1,000 lbs)$278.79
TSS Charge ($/1,000 lbs)$519.81

Septage Quantity Charge

Flow charge per 1,000 gallons$74.52

CanSeg Line Charges (Additive Components)

Flow Charge ($/Million Gallons)$2,852.34
BOD Charge ($/1,000 lbs)$19.01
TSS Charge ($/1,000 lbs)$37.46