Lot Line Adjustments

A lot-line adjustment is required to move a property line between two or more existing adjacent lots or parcels without creating a new lot. 


A lot-line adjustment may be used whenever minor adjustments are needed to a given lot or lots. For example, if 1 property owner wishes to purchase a portion of an adjoining lot, a lot-line adjustment can be used to move the property line to the new location, increasing the size of one parcel, and decreasing the size of the other. The overall number of parcels may be reduced by a lot-line adjustment, however no new parcels may be created. 

Process Overview 

Submit an Application

Please use the E-TRAKiT portal to submit an application. 

  • Planning
    • Lot Line Adjustments

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Upload the following documents:

  • SITE Project Submittal Application (SIT):
  • 8.5" x 11" detailed drawing of property(ies) involved; drawing to reflect existing and proposed detail
  • Legal Property Descriptions: existing and proposing lot-line adjustment
  • Proposed Grant Deed(s) to be recorded
  • Payment for Lot-Line Adjustment Fee

Once the application has been determined to be complete, most projects will take 30-45 business days to process.

Project Review

All application packets must be received by a Development Services Technician to determine if all submittal criteria have been met. A staff member will be assigned to work with the applicant(s); the application will be reviewed for completeness and referred to pertinent agencies to determine zoning compliance.

Project Approval

If the resulting lots conform to the City’s zoning regulations, and if no problems are found with the agreement or property descriptions, the lot-line adjustment will be approved by Planning Divisions staff; however, documents cannot be recorded with the County Clerk-Recorder until the appeal period has passed.


Once the Lot Line Adjustment has been approved and signed, there is a 15-day appeal period in which parties may challenge staff’s decision.

Final Action

After the required 15-day appeal period, the Secretary of the Planning Commission signs the Certificate of Approval. The City will record the Certificate of Approval with the County Clerk-Recorder.

  • Clerk-Recorder Fee (due at time of recordation)

Note:  Approval of the lot-line adjustment does not in itself transfer the title of the land.  A separate deed will have to be recorded by the property owners to effect the actual transfer of title.