Parcel Maps

California's Subdivision Map Act and local ordinance determines the process for legally dividing land and creating parcels.  In most cases, a division that results in four or fewer parcels is accomplished through a Parcel Map.

Mandatory Items

Please use the E-TRAKiT portal to submit an application. Choose "Planning", then "Apply for New Project", then "Parcel Map".  Follow prompts for completion.

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Upload the following documents:

  • SITE Project Submittal Application
  • A copy of the Parcel Map
  • Current Title Report (Less than three (3) months old)
  •  Copy of all deeds and easements referenced to the map
  •  Closure Calculations
  •  Conditions of Approval
  •  Dedications – if applicable (Fees Due upon submittal)
    1. Current Deed of Parcel
    2. Legal Description
    3. Plat
  • Fees to be paid (Additional LS fees will be paid prior to recording)
    1. Parcel Map Check Fee
    2. GIS Subdivision Mapping Fee
    3. As-Built Process Fee

Due Prior to Map Recordation

  • Cash Monument Deposit
  • Survey Monument Letter (in lieu of Cash Monument Deposit)
  • Map Recordation Fee Check (made out to Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder)