Transportation (Over Sized) Permits

Vehicles exceeding the limits of a legal load (per the California Vehicle Code) traveling on City Streets must obtain a Transportation Permit through Land Development Engineering.

  1. Applicants must complete the Transportation Permit Application and return a signed copy via email to
  2. A copy of the check, made payable to City of Modesto, for the appropriate fee shall be submitted with the transportation permit form, with the original check being mailed to:  City of Modesto, Attn:  Land Development Engineering, P.O. Box 642, Modesto, CA  95353
Transportation Permit Requests must be submitted in a timely manner.  Single Trip Permit requests will be review and returned 24 hours after their receipt.  Annual permits will be reviewed and returned within 5 days of their receipt.  

** Loads that exceed 14 feet high, require a pre-trip by company and notify the City of Modesto Forestry of any conflicts a minimum of 5 days prior to move.

** Loads that exceed 16 feet high require a minimum of 5 days notification.  


$15 Single Trip Permit
$85 Annual Permit