Container Collection Policy

On Collection Day, residents must place their solid waste containers out by 6:00 AM. Make sure that your containers are collected quickly by following these tips.

Container Placement Tips

  • Containers must be placed at least three feet from any obstruction such as mailboxes, cars, poles, etc. Please leave at least one foot of space between the containers.  
  • For street service: place containers on the asphalt portion of the street adjacent to your property, next to the curb. Do not block the sidewalk.  
  • For alley service: place the containers in the alley adjacent to your property. 
  • Place containers with the handle toward your home. 

Container Information

  • Containers will be serviced on the same day, but not necessarily at the same time.
  • The lids must be closed. No excess waste will be collected without prior arrangements with your hauler  
  • All containers may not exceed 100 pounds.