Firefighters must have a good educational background. It is essential for them to be able to read, write and do mathematical calculations. Some suggested high school courses are English, algebra, physical education, biology, history, auto mechanics, building construction, physical science and chemistry.

College Education

Modesto Junior College offers a Fire Science A.S. Degree program. Many of the classes listed below are available:
English, physical fitness, biology, history, speech, physical science, mathematics, psychology, introduction to computers, introduction to fire technology, fundamentals of personal fire safety, fundamentals of fire prevention, fire protection equipment and systems, building construction for fire protection, fire behavior and control, hazardous materials, fire service communication systems.

Team Sports

Organized team sports are excellent for developing your coordination, motor skills and endurance. In preparation for a fire service career, you can practice being a "team player" and working in concert with others toward the same goals, by participating in team sports.