Get to know DeAnna Christensen

DeAnna Christensen

5 Questions for DeAnna Christensen, Modesto’s Director of Finance:

What is the biggest goal you aim to accomplish as the Director of Finance?

As the new Director of Finance, I plan to place my key focus on policies and procedures for the City.  I want to ensure the organization continues to make strides towards fiscal improvement when carrying out financial actions, whether they are related to revenue collection, cash handling, accounting, payroll, purchasing, accounts receivable or accounts payable.  I really feel this is an area that requires more attention than it has in the past, and is a worthwhile goal for the entire Finance team.

What is one thing the average citizen of Modesto might not know about the role of Director of Finance?

The role of the Director of Finance provides direction for facilitating the financial operations of the City, which includes the oversight of an investment portfolio of over $309 million, debt obligations of over $400 million, capital asset inventory valued at over $1 billion, and ensuring we maintain policy oversight and controls with the cash collection and disbursements on a daily basis for the citizens of Modesto.

What makes you laugh the most?  Why?

My husband.  He is a really funny guy with a great sense of humor, which is definitely needed as part of anyone’s daily life.  He knows just what to say to get me to smile and laugh, especially after a demanding day at work.  I really feel like having that outlet of laughing things off is very helpful when relieving the stress that any job can bring.

Do you have any family in a public safety career?  What has that meant to you?

I have a couple of family members in Public Safety.  My brother-in-law, Richard (Rick) Moreno, is a retired San Joaquin County Sheriff, and my nephew, Kelly Martinez, is working his way towards becoming a police officer.  It is important to me that both have chosen an honorable career to serve and protect the average citizen.  Rick put in a lot of years of service, and I hope my nephew Kelly can do the same when he completes his police academy.

What’s the best and worst thing about getting older?  Why?

The best thing about getting older, especially as a mother, is getting to see your children grow into young adults, and knowing that all the love and tears over time were worthwhile. The worst thing about getting older is knowing you cannot do some of the physical things you use to be able to do, and when you attempt to try, you pay for it with the aches and pain that you never had in your youth.