About Community & Media Relations

Our Roles

The role of the Community and Media Relations division is to establish, nurture, and sustain a high level of trust in Modesto’s City government among residents, businesses, visitors, and other key stakeholders. The City must maintain its organizational integrity and a positive brand reputation through its strategic communication efforts. Community and Media Relations staff is a primary conduit for sharing timely, accurate, important, and relevant information to the people the City serves.

Strategic Communication Planning Process

Implement City Council’s strategic planning goals and guiding principles through thoughtful, essential, and effective communications. This form of communication is about telling the stories of Modesto services and how those services impact the community. By uncovering and sharing the human aspect of the City’s work, we illustrate how implied goals are translated into action for our residents and businesses.

Support for Offices and Departments

As department leaders and City staff seek communications support for programs and projects, the Community and Media Relations division helps to ensure that projects, initiatives, and events are communicated through the lens of the Modesto brand.

Public Engagement

Communications staff works to develop and carry out successful strategies to engage the public in their local government through participation at events, through digital platforms and with City services.

Brand Management

The Community and Media Relations division ensures the Modesto brand is being used consistently and brand messages are used appropriately and often in all communication efforts.

Emergency Communication

This form of communication occurs unexpectedly and takes many forms. When a crisis occurs, the Community and Media Relations division will develop and position emergency messages, correctly and effectively disseminate information, prepare department leaders and emergency responders, and manage media relations.