Report Wastewater Odor

To better assist us in identifying the source of odors, please use the 24/7 emergency phone number. We will evaluate the cause of the odor and take corrective actions whenever possible.

What can cause odors to occur?

We do receive inquiries from customers from time to time asking if there have been changes or issues at our wastewater facilities. Generally speaking, there isn’t anything unusual happening, but odor is an ongoing issue that our wastewater utility faces as we purify wastewater every day.

Although many odors are contained within the proximity of the plant, some odors naturally drift to surrounding areas. We have methods in place to minimize odor, but the smell resulting from the treatment process can sometimes escape our facilities. There are a number of instances that can increase the chances for odors to arise, including:

  • Weather changes. Calm air, changes in wind direction/speed or customers’ simply opening windows to capitalize on the cooler air in the morning and evening can sometimes make the odor more noticeable. Know that we track and measure odors on a regular basis to better understand and minimize them.

  • Biosolids. We have worked hard to minimize odors from organic compounds (which occur naturally as part of the purification process) and we are actively working on a project that will eliminate such odors all together.

  • Repair work. There are times when we undergo repair work or preventative maintenance at our facility to work on key equipment needed to clean water. This can result in odors. We try to minimize this to the extent possible.

We are constantly working to reduce odor issues the plant. The information you provide us will help towards that goal.