Illegal Dumping

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is disposing of garbage, waste, green waste, or other matter on public or private property without written permission and/or outside of the Bulky Item Collection program or the Green Waste Collection program.

Responsibility of City Property Owners

Owners of property are responsible for their property half-way into the street and half-way into the alley. Illegal dumping in the public right-of-way (streets and alleys) at a location other than adjacent to your property can result in an automatic citation.

Municipal Code

Please refer to the Municipal Code for more information (9-9.301 - Duty of Removal and 9-9.305 - Sidewalks and Driveways).

Reporting Illegal Dumping

Report piles of trash, debris, or green waste in the public right-of-way (streets and alleys).

How to Report Illegal Dumping

Persons illegally dumping trash on the street or in an alley, and persons failing to follow the Green Waste guidelines within the established municipal codes referenced below are subject to a progressive fine structure with fines beginning at $1,000. View the full Fines and/or Fees for more information.

To report activity follow any one of these methods:

  1. Call 209-577-5494
  2. Contact Us Online
  3. Report on GoModesto!

In order for the Solid Waste Enforcement Officer to complete a thorough investigation, your contact information is needed.  This information is confidential.

Abatement Process

The City of Modesto Council approved our current Blight Abatement Strategy.  Review the below steps to learn about our Abatement Process in the public right-of-way (streets and alleys).

  1. Items illegally dumped
  2. Reported to the City of Modesto
  3. Work order assigned
  4. Case created
  5. Illegal dumping site inspected
  6. Camera footage reviewed, if available
  7. Issue 5-day Notice of Violation to offender if it meets the requirements of the City of Modesto Municipal Code sections 5-5.105 and 9-9.301 
  8. Site inspected after 5 Days
    • If illegally dumped items are removed (abated), then Case is closed.
  9. If illegally dumped items are not removed (abated), then an Administrative Citation with a fine will be issued.
    • Within 72 hours, Hauler is notified and required to pick up illegally dumped items not removed and abate illegal dumping site.
    • Inspection will be performed to confirm hauler has successfully removed items.
    • Case is then closed

Municipal Code

Please refer to the Municipal Code for more information (5-5.105 - Illegal Dumping, Depositing or Burying Solid Waste).