100793 Area 2 Cross Connection Removal

PurposeA worker guides a boom crane that is depositing gravel back fill over the underground basin chambers

The second of four phases within Area 2 of the City, this project removed existing cross connections from the sanitary sewer system and failed rockwells. It also installed new storm drain piping, catch basins, and an underground storm drainage retention system at Roosevelt Park.

The 2007 Wastewater Master Plan’s hydraulic model was based on the assumption that the existing storm drainage to sanitary sewer cross connections would be removed. These cross connections result in dramatic increases in peak wet weather flow following a storm event.

A centralized water quality device will be installed to treat stormwater prior to entering the underground retention system. Park improvements will include a new irrigation system, new sod, security cameras, lighting, and restroom replacement.


Budget: $7,900,000.00

Estimated Time of Completion

Phases 1 and 2 are now complete. Construction for phase 3 is estimated to begin in late 2022, and funding is being secured for phase 4.

Project Manager

David Felix

Council District:

District 3