Wastewater Best Management Practices

The City cleans and treats wastewater, the water that residents and businesses have used and contaminated with household products and sewage. After treatment, the wastewater is suitable for reuse in irrigation or can be safely discharged back into nearby water sources. Detailed information on the process can be found on the Wastewater Treatment Facilities page or on the Wastewater Treatment Plant brochure (PDF).

Despite these processes, there are products and materials that make it more difficult, and often times more expensive, to treat the wastewater. You can do your part by taking care to follow the City's Wastewater Best Management Practices.

The Annual Pretreatment Report detailing program effectiveness, pollutant content, and compliance and enforcement activities from 2018 is available for residents to review.

The City's Enforcement Response Plan for industrial noncompliant users is also available for residents to review.