Wastewater Best Management Practices for Home

Household waste can pollute wastewater and harm aquatic animals in the process. Follow these guidelines to keep our waterways free of excess pollutants.

The Water Environment Federation compiled a chart on general guidelines to show how to dispose of household waste and contribute to a sustainable clean environment.

  1. Drug-free Drains
  2. Safer Detergents
  3. Wipes Clog Pipes

Protect Our Water from Pharmaceuticals

You can help keep water clean by simply not flushing unused medication down the toilet. Controlling what goes down the drain is the easiest and most effective way to protect the environment. Following product recommendations for use and disposal and decreasing use when possible are also ways to help keep our drains drug-free.

Every day, the average adult uses nine personal care products that contain 126 unique compounds that could end up in our water. In addition to traces of products like shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, and cosmetics, minute amounts of prescription and over-the-counter drugs also make their way into water. They should be limited or prevented from entering our environment.

Due to our increased use of these products and great analytical sensitivity, very tiny amounts of compounds and drugs can be detected in conventional treatment plant outflow and end up in creeks, streams, and rivers. While there is no evidence these traces pose a risk to human health, scientists can sometimes find interference with aquatic organisms, and studies continue. Meanwhile, it’s prudent to control what we put into water, and everyone’s help is important.

Drop the Drugs Prescription Disposal Program

Unsecured prescription medications left in your home could be susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Water contamination due to prescription medications being flushed down the toilet or drains creates significant threats for our environment.

You may dispose of pills, liquids, and medicine for confidential incineration at the following locations:
Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department
250 Hackett Rd, Modesto, CA 95358
(209) 525-7115

Sheriff’s Department—Hughson
7018 Pine St., Hughson, CA 95326
(209) 883-4052

Sheriff’s Department—Patterson
33 S. Del Puerto Ave., Patterson, CA 95363
(209) 892-5071

Sheriff’s Department—Riverbank
6727 Third St., Riverbank, CA 95367
(209) 869-7162

Sheriff’s Department—Waterford
320 E St., Waterford, CA 95386
(209) 874-2349