East La Loma Park Playground Project

Project Location

East La Loma Park, 2001 Edgebrook Drive, Modesto.

Project Status and Updates

This Project was completed on February 19, 2021.  The park & playground are currently open for public use.

Project Background

In 2017, the City removed the East La Loma Park playground equipment due to various safety hazards. The City was not immediately able to purchase a replacement, but through the City’s Park Partners Program, the La Loma Neighborhood Association (LLNA) became a partner to aid the return of the playground. 

The Park Partners Program began in 1999 to help communities feel greater ownership of public facilities and speed up their development. The program reduces the direct cost to the City and leads to more community involvement and interest, which resulted in a community working together to bring a playground back to their neighborhood park.

The new playground is located just north of the existing picnic pavilion and closer to the parking lot to increase public safety and accessibility. The playground features two structures for ages 2-5 and ages 5-12, rock climbing elements, and one of the largest swing bays in the City’s park system.

In 2017, Deborah Steinberg, Past President of the LLNA, worked with the City to lead a very successful fundraising effort that brought in a total of $90,000: $55,000 in cash to purchase a portion of the playground equipment and pay the contractor that installed the play equipment and another $35,000 of in-kind services from volunteers and local businesses. The City offered $110,000 in design services, playground equipment, construction, and final inspections. 

Project Benefits

The Project goal is to significantly increase recreational opportunity for the residents of the local community and beyond.  

Recreational Benefits

  • Play area for ages 2-5 years
  • Play area for ages 5-12 years
  • The largest swing bay in our park system
  • 2 Benches
  • 2 Trash Cans
  • A New Park Light

Construction Sponsors:                

  • George Reed, Inc.
  • 7-11 Materials
  • Collins Electric 
  • Ceres Pipe and Metal
  • Colorcoat Powdercoat
  • GCU Trucking
  • ANRAK Corporation
  • Interstate Concrete Pumping
  • Sierra Mat & Rubber Company
  • Grover Landscaping Services, Inc.

Major Sponsors:

  • La Loma Neighborhood
  • Save Mart C.A.R.E.S. Foundation
  • Sierra Pacific
  • Modesto View
  • Beard Foundation
  • Doug and Susan Highiet
  • Ceres Pipe and Metal
  • 7-11 Materials
  • George Reed, Inc.