ADA Transition Plan

The information below outlines the City of Modesto's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan Update. This updated Review for City of Modesto Programs, Services Activities, Facilities, Transit Stops and Public Right-of-Way (2021 Addendum) is in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Current Transition Plan and 2021 Addendum

View the details of the 2021 addendum to the full Transition plan below.  


The City initiated a Self-evaluation and updated our transition plan in 2017 (PDF). This summary update is to address progress and ongoing activities, identify areas of responsibility, and outline future efforts to address barriers to access.

Designated ADA/504 Coordinator

Paul Liu was designated as the ADA/504 Coordinator for the City of Modesto from 2013 to June 2017. The Risk Manager was designated as the ADA/504 Coordinator in July 2017, and the current coordinator is Christina Alger.

The process for filing a grievance can be located on the City of Modesto website. Grievances can be filed electronically by using the form on the website, submission through the GoModesto mobile application, or by calling or visiting the Risk Management division located on the second floor at the address above.

Requests for copies or information about the City of Modesto ADA/504 Self-evaluation and Transition Plan can be obtained from the ADA/504 Coordinator.

Self-Evaluation Format

The City continues to evaluate facilities, right-of-way’s, and other barriers to access. Findings and recommendations for potential physical barriers are found in the web based DACTrak software program.  DACTrak has photographs of barriers, GIS information, findings, recommendations, estimated costs and other information. Custom reports and transition plan information can be generated from DACTrak to monitor and track the implementation of the plan.

Progress Report

The City continues to evaluate accessibility through a team comprised of multiple departments such as Traffic Engineering, Facilities Management, Transportation Engineering & Design, Human Resources, and Risk Management. Each team member accesses the DACTrak electronic records to manage progress in their respective areas of responsibility. The City provides ongoing notice of the identity of the City of Modesto ADA/504 Coordinator on its website and in frequently used publications or documents accessed by the general public and by recipients of programs, services and activities.

Grievance Process

The City provides an ADA Accessibility Request form (Form ADA‐1) on our website. This form is available using several methods and is available in alternative formats, including using a mobile application, the ability to submit by phone or in person. The ADA Coordinator maintains records of requests, concern and comments and the status and method to resolve the concerns through the ACCELA platform.

Information about how to request accommodations appears on all public notices, announcements and agendas. Information is disseminated to all departments and divisions regarding the statement for accommodations requirement.

A grievance procedure has been developed and disseminated to employees. The full procedure includes an appeal process for grievances not timely or appropriately resolved. 

Data Management

Each member of the team accesses the DACTrak Accessibility Management System to enter new projects and update completion of existing projects to include pictures, cost, and resources. Items from the 2017 evaluation have been reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure accurate and ongoing project management. 

Team Members, Responsibilities & Continued Evaluation

Each member has created a process for continued evaluation to ensure sustained progress toward a full transition to accessibility. Streets and sidewalks are managed by Transportation Engineering & Design in the Community & Economic Development Department through ongoing engineering projects throughout the City. Facilities are managed by Building Administration in the Public Works Department and Facilities Management in the Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhoods Department through their work order process. Traffic and parking are managed by Traffic Engineering & Operations in the Public Works Department through their work order process. Each team assigns their team members to quadrants for ongoing evaluation of needs.

Funds and Progress

Since 2017, a total of $4,041,000 in funds have been allocated by Council to address ADA accessibility improvements with the most recent year at $1,704,000. Total ADA ramps constructed or replaced for the same time period were 333 across the City. As shown in the graphs below, progress has increased exponentially over the years since the 2017 assessment was completed, with the exception of a slowdown in 2019 due to COVID-19. 

Graph of Council Awarded funding for ADA Improvements. Click to view the data.

Completed and Incomplete tasks

View the documents below for updates on the completed work and work to be completed in the coming months and years.