Retro Reflective Backplates Downtown

Retroflective backplates - PictureDates

Project Start Date

Summer 2023

Anticipated End Date

Winter 2024


37 Signalized Intersections Downton and 33 Intersections Outside the Downtown


Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grant

Strategic Commitment

Providing a Vibrant Infrastructure & Sustainable Environment

Project Summary

Installation of Retro Reflective Backplates help drivers to see signalized intersections at night and during power outages.

Project Description

Install Retro Reflective Backplates to 70 intersections the City (including Downtown).  The project will replace all signal heads and install advance limit lines at intersections that do not currently have them.  Additionally, the City will install 12 Advance Traffic Control Cabinets at 12 intersections within the City.