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Camp2Home Program

The number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Modesto is increasing. This program provides a path to self-sufficiency for people trying to rebuild their lives out of homelessness through five different initiatives.



The first component of the Camp2Home Program is outreach, where we look to identify and build relationships with people experiencing homelessness in our community to provide immediate support, intervention, and connection to resources including shelter and housing support services.

Often, when quality-of-life calls related to homelessness are made, they are handled by sworn police officers who try to provide resource education, and opportunities for emergency shelter, and conduct enforcement when necessary.

However, due to the complexity of these calls, sworn officers are often removed from active law enforcement service for significant lengths of time while dealing with these calls, especially when individuals are willing to accept services and need assistance with connecting to social services.

To address this issue, Modesto’s Community Health and Assistance Team (CHAT) was created to engage with unsheltered individuals and provide immediate support, intervention, and connections to mainstream social services, shelters, and housing programs.

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The second component of the Camp2Home Program is to provide shelter by partnering with low-barrier shelters to provide temporary housing.

In February 2019, the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County established the Access Center Emergency Shelter (ACES) through a partnership with the Salvation Army.

This innovative program was co-located within the same building as the Salvation Army's Berberian Shelter and is designed to reduce barriers to shelter by allowing individuals to bring their pets and personal belongings.

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Job Training

The third component of the Camp2Home Program is job training.

Homelessness can often be triggered by job loss or unexpected bills that exceed a person's income. Once someone becomes homeless, it becomes even harder to obtain employment.

The City of Modesto has partnered with the Downtown Streets Team (DST), a non-profit organization that provides a safe and engaging space for homeless individuals to learn on the job.

DST's goal is to end homelessness by restoring dignity and rebuilding the lives of people experiencing homelessness through, teamwork, accountability, and self-confidence.

Using a Structured Daily Activity (SDA) model, DST helps team members regain a sense of pride in their community and gain valuable experience they can list on their resumes to overcome long experience gaps.

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The fourth component of the Camp2Home Program, employment is crucial in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

After Job training, we look to partner with local businesses committed to becoming a Fair Chance Employer to place recent graduates of the Downtown Street Team program in permanent employment opportunities.

To help participants achieve this, the Downtown Streets Team (DST) trains team members to meet the needs of the job market and works to build ongoing relationships with local employers.

Employers who hire Camp2Home graduates are considered "fair chance employers” even after graduating from the program, participants continue to receive ongoing case management for one year to help them transition to a thriving, forward-planning lifestyle.

Join the Movement as a Fair Chance Employer!

If you are a businesses looking to partner with the City in this initiative by hiring one of our Camp2Home team members contact Jessica Hill via email at or via phone at (209) 577-5321. Our partners at the Modesto Downtown Streets Team have made it a point to give peace of mind to employers looking to share in a solution to homelessness. Case management, paperwork, hiring, security deposits, benefits, lease compliance, conflict resolution - DST handles it all.

In your partnership with the Camp2Home program as a Fair Chance Employer you will be providing job experience for team members without adding them directly to your payroll. Payments will be made directly to the Modesto Downtown Streets Team who will then handle the hiring and payroll for team members, along with ongoing case management, paperwork, benefits, and workers’ compensation.


The fifth component of the Camp2Home Program takes into account that securing stable employment is a priority to ensure housing success. As team members graduate from the job-training program and obtain gainful and sustainable employment, they are eligible for the next step in the process of rapid rehousing assistance.

Rapid rehousing swiftly connects individuals experiencing homelessness to permanent housing through a tailored assistance package that may include security deposits, utility deposits, and rental assistance for up to one year.

Join the Movement as a C2H Housing Partner!

Landlords looking to partner with Camp2Home can rest assured in continual case management and support, on-time rent, after-care, and full deposits.

If you are looking to assist graduates of our job training program to find and secure permanent housing contact Jessica Hill via email at or via phone at 209-577-5321.