Ralston Tower Park Improvement Project

Project Location

100 Block of Downey Avenue, Modesto, Ca. 95350

Project Status and Updates

This Project is currently in the Construction Phase. The park will be closed for an extended period of time beginning in winter 2022 and anticipated to be closed until early 2023. 

Project Background

Ralston Tower Park has not been renovated since its initial construction in the 1970’s. The current park layout and design of the park needs to be updated in order to be more water efficient, accessible and safe. This project will accomplish both tasks while transforming the park into a safe and enjoyable environmental for residents of all ages.

The updated master plan design is suited for use by citizens of all ages, but is specifically focused on serving the senior population in the area. The master plan has an emphasis on quality value engineering design methods, ADA accessibility, security elements and utilization of new and current energy and water saving technologies that are critical to the success of this Project. Implementations of low-impact exercise events within the park will promote an active lifestyle for the residents of Modesto. 

This is a U.S. Federal (LWCF) and State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD/CDBG) funded Project to be constructed by the City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department. The Project is being constructed at Ralston Tower Park per the requirements of the grant funding guidelines, funding is not transferable to other project sites. 

Project Benefits

The Project goal is to significantly increase recreational opportunity for the residents of the local community and beyond.  

Recreational Benefits

o    New exercise and fitness equipment structure

o    New concrete paved walking paths

o    New community plaza space

o    New recreation game tables (checkers, chess games)

o    New drinking fountain

o    New beanbag toss game 

o    New horseshoe pit game

o    New safety area lighting and security cameras

o    New park perimeter fencing

o    New park landscaping

Funding Source

o    U.S. Federal, Land and Water Conservation Funding Grant (LWCF)

o    State of California, Community Development Block Grant Funding (CDBG)