Commercial Businesses

Commercial Business Information

The City of Modesto regulates and enforces commercial solid waste and generation within the incorporated City limits. All businesses in Modesto must be compliant with AB 341 (state-mandated recycling), AB 1826 (state-mandated organics recycling), and SB 1383 (state-mandated organics collection). If your business qualifies for a waiver, please fill out and submit the compliance form

Edible Food Recovery

SB 1383 addresses preventing edible food from entering the waste stream. Businesses subject to edible food recovery are split into two tiers. 

Tier 1

Businesses that typically have extra produce, fresh groceries and shelf-stable food. Examples include supermarkets, large grocery stores, wholesale food vendors and food distributors. 

Tier 2 (Starting January 2024)

Businesses that typically have extra prepared foods, which often require more careful handling. Examples include large entertainment venues, large restaurants (greater than or equal to 250 seats) and large cafeterias.

Food Donation App (Careit)

The City of Modesto subscribes to Careit which helps businesses comply with Senate Bill 1383, edible food donation requirements. This application is free for businesses and food recovery organizations.  Get started using this mobile app following the steps below:

Step 1 (Create an Account)

Download Careit on iOS or Android devices. Create a free business account. Your EIN is used to confirm identity.

Step 2 (Create a Donation)

Add a photo, a description of your donation, and details such as food type, food quality, and donation size.

Step 3 (Post and Transport)

Choose Self-Deliver or Pick-Up Method. Match with an available local nonprofit recipient or select one from a list. Give an ample time frame for pick-up.

Step 4 (Complete Donation)

Package donation for easy and safe transport. Nonprofit partners record weights or donation values on Careit.

Step 5 (View Records)

Visit to view your auto-generated agreements with your nonprofit recipients. View partners, contact info, and donation data in-app.