Park Hours and Rules

Park Hours 

Open daily dusk to dawn.

Park Rules

The following are prohibited in the Tuolumne River Regional Park: 

  • To consume alcoholic beverages, except by permit. 
  • To possess, bring, carry or transport glass containers, except by permit. 
  • To camp or lodge in or upon any park, except by permit. 
  • To play or hit golf balls. 
  • To operate any motorized vehicle, except those designed for and used by person with disabilities.  
  • To carry, bring in, ignite, fire or otherwise set off firearms, air guns, slingshots, firecrackers or fireworks. 
  • To make a fire other than in an apparatus provided by the City. 
  • To cut or remove any wood, plants, rocks or similar items. 
  • To throw or dispose of any materials except in containers provided by the City.  
  • To cut, break or deface any facilities.  
  • To climb on any building or structure not designated for such activity. 
  • To have animals off leash. Owners must pick up animal waste. 
  • To smoke any substance or use tobacco products of any kind. 

Refer to the Modesto Municipal Code Sections 12-4.2025-4.203, and 5-4.207.1 for more information.