Paid for by Measure H

What is Measure H

Paid for by Measure HMeasure H is a one-cent sales tax to fund general city services passed by Modesto voters in November 2022.

Ballot Language

"To fund general city services in the City of Modesto, such as police patrols, gang, drug, and crime prevention; fire protection, paramedic/911 emergency response; addressing homelessness; cleaning-up trash and illegal dumping; keeping streets, parks, sidewalks, landscapes and infrastructure safe, clean, and well-maintained, shall an ordinance establishing a one-cent sales tax be adopted, providing $39,000,000 annually for general government use in Modesto until ended by voters, with citizen oversight and all money locally controlled?"

  1. Project Map

Projects broken down by Topic / Initiative

  1. Public Safety
  2. Housing & Homeless
  3. Blight
  4. Deferred Maintenance

Advanced Life Support  Equipment

Purchase Emergency Medical Services (EMS) equipment to outfit every fire apparatus in Modesto with the necessary gear to be Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

New Civilian Investigators

Modesto Police Department hires two new Civilian Investigators to assist in criminal investigations.