Auto-Pay and Paperless Billing Discounts

Discount Programs for Auto-Pay and Paperless Billing Enrollment

Based on cost saving benefits to both the customer and to the City, the Utility Billing Division is seeking to increase enrollment in Auto Pay and Paperless Billing. Our customers can sign up for both programs outlined below and receive a total of $20 in one-time discounts.

  1. Auto Pay Discount Program
  2. Paperless Billing Program (eBill)

Auto Pay Program

We are now offering a one-time discount of $10.00 for all customers who enroll in Auto Pay. The discount will be applied within the next two billing periods after enrollment is complete. The customer will be required to agree to keep the Auto Pay active for a minimum of six months. Customers already enrolled in Auto Pay are not eligible for this one-time discount.

Benefits of Auto Pay

  • Peace of mind knowing bill will be paid on time each month;
  • Easy online enrollment using checking account, savings account, or debit/credit card;
  • Secure payment option;
  • City receives on-time and guaranteed payments ;
  • Customer saves time not having to make in-person payment

How to Enroll in Auto Pay