Bridge Housing Service Provider RFQ

Service Provider Submittals

This RFQ is intended to identify qualified case management service providers to provide services for Bridge Housing sites in the Modesto community. Service providers shall have experience in providing services to clients in similar settings and shall be responsible  for intaking referrals from a variety of community partners and agencies outside of the community.

Individuals referred for Case Management Services experience complex medical, psychiatric, and/or substance, are high utilizers of urgent and/or emergency care services, and/or are unable to navigate services without support.

Service providers who elect to submit an RFQ shall have experience in providing referrals and support with linkages to benefits, health care services, mental health services, and support individuals in housing navigation. The awarded contractors shall assess individuals for their housing readiness, and connect them to services such as healthcare, psychiatric, substance use treatment, income support, in-home support services, intensive case management, and meal support. The goals of Case Management Services are to reduce barriers from street and shelter to housing and ensure stability after placement into permanent housing.