Quality of Life

Engage partners across the community to ensure the safety, resilience, and attractiveness of Modesto.

Quality of Life Goals and Strategies

A. Improve Community Safety

Improve community safety and quality of life through a combination of prevention and intervention efforts that address safety and its underlying issues.

  • Develop and implement a Public Safety Strategic Plan.
  • Engage staff and local organizations in public safety efforts.
  • Utilize public safety and quality of life key performance indicators to identify, analyze, and report on trends.
  • Establish a quality of life task force to tackle chronic problem areas.
  • Utilize technology to pinpoint hot spots and monitor impact.
  • Motivate and encourage staff and community members to identify and mitigate blight issues.

B. Invest in Beautification Efforts

Increase pride in Modesto’s diverse neighborhoods and business districts through beautification efforts and by investing in community assets and amenities.

  • Evaluate the City’s property maintenance and nuisance abatement codes as well as the code compliance process.
  • Determine priority areas for proactive code enforcement.
  • Evaluate current waste removal and city beautification policies and procedures.
  • Establish and implement a comprehensive citywide recycling and compost plan.
  • Develop a new solid waste plan increasing availability of bulky item pick up.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive tree health, maintenance, and replacement program and education campaign.
  • Create an inventory of City-owned vacant or underutilized properties and develop a real estate disposition plan.
  • Review and update the Tuolumne River Regional Park Master Plan. 

C. Develop Homelessness and Housing Plan

In partnership with public agencies and other key stakeholders, develop and implement a comprehensive housing and homelessness action plan.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive homelessness action plan that reduces encampments in public spaces, ensures the provision of supportive services, and identifies strategies for permanent housing.
  • Conduct a housing market analysis and implement a comprehensive housing strategy to position the City of Modesto to leverage alternative revenue sources (i.e. other government grants, loans, private and non-profit funds).
  • Establish and implement policies that encourage the development of workforce affordable housing. 

D. Ensure Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Infrastructure

Provide safe, efficient, and reliable infrastructure through proactive community investment, maintenance, and sustainability efforts.

  • Create and implement a comprehensive street and road maintenance plan.
  • Develop a comprehensive public transit plan.
  • Collaborate with the Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train to complete service improvements and station enhancements in Modesto.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to resolve illegal dumping and related nuisance abatement services.
  • Establish a plan to increase frequency of forestry and solid waste services in high-traffic areas.
  • Establish and implement an annexation policy that aligns with the City’s long-term financial sustainability principles (including a robust review of the short- and long-term revenue and expenditures).
  • Develop and implement a citywide traffic management plan.