Economic Vitality

Retain and attract residential, commercial, and industrial development to meet the community’s needs today and for the next generation. 

Economic Vitality Goals and Strategies 

E. Drive Economic Vitality

Drive the success of a vibrant and economically sustainable business climate.

  • Update the General Plan consistent with city vision.
  • Develop a citywide business incentive plan that fosters economic diversification (i.e., infrastructure investments, business attraction, retention and grow local entrepreneurs).
  • Collaborate with local hospitals and medical providers to create a medical district
  • Develop public-private partnerships with local firms and educational institutions.
  • Collaborate with universities and colleges to offer educational and vocational services to train and develop current and future residents to meet local business workforce needs.

F. Build the Modesto Brand

Build and promote a recognizable and desirable identity for the City of Modesto.

  • Develop and implement a City of Modesto communication plan and branding campaign.
  • Engage and train the community to serve as ambassadors of Modesto’s “brand.”
  • Engage stakeholders and develop a comprehensive community marketing strategy.

G. Make Downtown a Destination

Make downtown Modesto a regional destination.

  • Create a downtown economic development strategy (including infill housing, mixed-use development, business retention and attraction, and placemaking).
  • Collaborate with downtown partners to expand upon existing successful downtown events and entertainment offerings.