Curbs, Gutters & Sidewalks

The Curbs, Gutters, and Sidewalks Unit is responsible for repairing damage to public sidewalks, curbs and gutters that have been damaged by City trees or City utilities.

  • Sidewalk Grinding - City staff will level lifted sidewalks with offset edges of less than two inches (2") by a grinding process. 
  • Sidewalk Patching - City staff will repair lifted sidewalks with offset edges more than two inches (2") with an asphalt ramp.
  • Sidewalk Replacement - Severely displaced sidewalks will be temporarily patched. Sidewalks in the worst condition will be evaluated for replacement.


Curbs, gutters and sidewalks are required to be constructed or repaired in accordance with standard specifications approved by the Modesto City Council. Codes pertaining to the repair, maintenance, and construction of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks can be found in Title 7, Chapter 1, Article 2 and Article 3.