Utilities Department

The Modesto Utilities Department is on the cutting edge of water services, wastewater reclamation, and environmental efforts in California. Managing limited water resources requires effort from both residents and City staff.

Learn more about how the City of Modesto is committed to providing exceptional water service for years to come through its various departments and how you can do your part by conserving water.

Utilities Administration Photo


Administration oversees the general management of the Utilities Department. The Utilities Department has 269 employees in three divisions: Water Services, Wastewater Services and Engineering Services. Administration is responsible for personnel, oversees the department budget, and maintains utility rates and fees.

Engineering Services Division

Engineering Services

The Engineering Services teams are efficient overseers of water, wastewater, and storm drainage studies and projects, major city-wide capital improvement construction projects, and more to ensure the department and services are running smoothly. They are a vital component in water resource planning and design and construction administration.

The view from the front of the new Water Corporation Yard

Water Services

The Water Services team is proud to serve Modesto residents and provide them with safe, clean, and reliable drinking water. They work diligently to maintain the water distribution system and test the water supply, in addition to managing water meters and the Water Conservation and Backflow-Cross Connection programs.

Wastewater Services Division

Wastewater Services

The City of Modesto has two wastewater treatment facilities in one of the largest beneficial reuse facilities in the United States. Our wastewater meets the stringent effluent limits required by the State of California in order for the water to be safely reused for irrigation. The City operates and maintains sewer mains and pump stations that convey wastewater from homes and businesses to the treatment plant.

Two Environmental Service employees collect water samples from a creek

Environmental Services

From our faucets inside to our storm drains on our curbs, we all contribute to our environmental water cycle. Take pride in your impact and learn how you can cut down on pollution and contaminants coming from your home or business.