Renter Responsibilities

  1. Renter shall obtain all required permits and contracts and shall provide the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department with copies prior to the event.
  2. Renter shall be present for the entire duration of the event.
  3. Renter agrees to assume complete financial responsibility for damages to persons or property caused by negligent or unlawful conduct occurring during the use of said premises. The extent of damages will determine the amount deducted from the cleaning/damage deposit paid to reimburse the City for repair/cleanup costs.
  4. Renter shall be responsible for complying with all facility rules and regulations.
  5. Renter shall ensure that tacks, pins, nails or any type of adhesive putty or tape are not used on the walls.
  6. Renter shall be responsible for securing facility upon leaving the premises, where applicable. This includes placing any chairs, tables, etc. back inside the building and securing the premises.
  7. Renter shall permit inspection by City of Modesto Fire, Police and Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods staff.
  8. Renter shall be responsible to provide set-up for the group’s needs unless set-up has been requested and additional fees paid, except at the McHenry Museum and the McHenry Mansion.
  9. Renter shall not use flammable materials such as bunting, tissue paper, crepe paper, etc. for the purpose of decorating. All materials used for decorating purposes must be approved by the City of Modesto Fire Department.
  10. Renter shall be responsible for removing all equipment, merchandise, property, debris, etc. brought in by said renter and/or guests immediately after use and within paid rental time, or the City of Modesto reserves the right to remove and dispose of said items and charge the renter for additional cleaning costs.
  11. Renter shall ensure adherence to facility seating and standing capacities.
  12. Renter shall ensure that alcohol use or smoking does not occur where not permitted and shall ensure that at no time will illegal substances be permitted.
  13. Renter shall not sublet reservation booking to any other party.
  14. Renter must have a copy of a use permit in their possession during reservation hours.