Engineering Services

Modesto's Engineering Services runs a deeply connected circle of services with talented employees in each facet of planning, engineering, constructing, and updating.

Water Resource Engineering

The planning component behind the Utilities Department, the Water Resources Engineering section identifies essential Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, provides short- and long-term improvements to water-related utility systems, and develops regulatory reports and studies. In every project, this team considers priority, cost, and future needs to ensure a reliable and functional system for residents.

Water Design

The Water Design section is responsible for the design of water system improvements, including rehabilitation and upsizing and replacing infrastructure, such as pipelines, wells and water tanks. They are innovative and efficient in all areas of improving the City's water system.

Wastewater and Storm Drain Design

The Wastewater and Storm Drain Design section is responsible for the design of the infrastructure required to take wastewater from homes and businesses to the Sutter and Jennings Treatment Plant facilities, where it is treated and then used to irrigate the City’s ranch or delivered to the Del Puerto Water District for agricultural use. This team also designs systems that divert rainwater into drainage basins and the river.

Construction Administration

This team oversees construction administration of CIP projects throughout the City, manages construction contracts, coordinates with outside contractors, and performs inspections and repairs on projects that are in the public right-of-way (streets, water and sewer lines, traffic signals, roundabouts, lift stations, and more).

Project Highlights
Construction workers reviewing plans

Project Highlights

Engineering Services is always at work improving utility systems for our residents and business owners. Review some highlights of our completed and ongoing projects.

Reports and Studies

Transparency matters: View reports, plans, and studies published by the Utilities Department detailing information on how utility costs are calculated and how utility systems are performing.