Park Partners Program

How the Program Works

The first step in the Park Partners Program starts when the community expresses an interest in developing a project in a park or park facility. Next, the City then helps organize a volunteer labor group and, if needed, a fundraising effort. The community will then install the project under supervision from City staff.

Partner Commitments

City Resources

The City will provide assistance in organization and management to complete the project.


The Community will provide volunteer labor to install the project (sweat equity value) and help fund the cost of the project in sweat equity, donation of materials or funds raised.

Community Benefits

The community benefits from a Park Partners Project by:

  • Community togetherness.
  • Increased utilization of public facilities.
  • Redevelopment and modernization of public facilities.
  • Development of unique public spaces.
  • Development of community leadership.
  • Input in the design and development of public facilities.
  • Community ownership of public facilities.
  • Opportunity to expedite the development of public facilities.


Past Projects

Tuolumne River Regional Park (TRRP)

Since 2004, TRRP has been the recipient of thousands of hours of volunteer work to propagate, grow, plant and maintain the Gateway Parcel. Groups such as the Hispanic Youth Leadership Council, Boy Scouts of America, Modesto City Schools, Modesto Junior College, Girl Scouts, Modesto Tree Foundation and many other service clubs, church groups, organizations and individuals have volunteered over 10,000 hours worth of labor.

Moran Estates Neighborhood Park

Over 400 community members and volunteers planted a garden, installed play equipment and painted a mural in 2008.

Virginia Corridor Trailway
In 2008, volunteer labor from the Modesto Lions installed Lions Junction. In 2007, volunteers from the Rotary Clubs of Modesto installed the Centennial Junction.

 John Muir Neighborhood Park
Neighbors and volunteers raised funds and installed play equipment in 2006.

George A. Rogers Neighborhood Park
In 2004, community volunteers installed play equipment. Volunteers raised funds and installed a park sign in 2005.

Beyer Community Park
Boy Scout Troops 40 and 107 planted areas in the park in 2004.

T.B. Scott Park
Volunteers installed play equipment in 2002.

Creekwood Neighborhood Park
In 2000, volunteers installed play equipment.

La Loma Park Disc Golf
A disc golf course was installed in 2000 with the help of community volunteers.

Davis Community Park
Volunteers installed play equipment in 2000.

 Graceada Community Park
Play equipment, a water feature, a trellis structure and a promenade were installed through fundraising and volunteer labor in 2000.

John Thurman Field
In 2001, volunteers installed play equipment.

Stockard Coffee Neighborhood Park
Play equipment was installed through fundraising and volunteer labor in 2001.

East La Loma Park Playground Project
In partnership with La Loma Neighborhood, a new playground was installed to replace the previously removed play equipment due to aging and safety hazards. Project completed in early 2021.  East La Loma Park Playground project information