Parks Planning & Development 

Active Projects

Ralston Tower Park Improvements Project

ProjectsStatusAdditional Documents
Ralston Tower Park Improvements Project

ConstructionRalston Tower Concept Plan (Printable PDF)

César E. Chavez Park Renovation Project

ProjectsStatusAdditional Documents
César E. Chavez Park Renovation Project Page

Planning and DesignCésar E. Chavez Park Renovation Concept Plan (Printable PDF)

Other Active Projects

ProjectsStatusAdditional Documents
Revard Park Playground Reconstruction Planning and Design 
Enslen Park Tot Playground Project

Carpenter Road Area Soccer Complex, Phase 2 Project (Bellenita Soccer Fields)
Construction Bidding
The Awesome Spot All Inclusive Playground (at Beyer Park) Planning and Design Awesome Spot Concept Plan (Printable PDF)
Mary Grogan Community Park Phase 2 Planning and Design 
Downey Park Picnic Pavilion Replacement Project Planning and Design
Pike Park Cross Connection Removal ProjectPlanning and Design

Dryden Gold Course Clubhouse Repair ProjectPlanning and Design

TRRP Riverwalk Trail, Gateway to Neece Drive Project Planning and Design

TRRP Disk Golf Course Project Planning and Design