Crows Landing Road Corridor Study


The City of Modesto secured a Caltrans Community-Based Transportation Planning grant to fund a corridor study for Crows Landing Road. The Crows Landing corridor is economically active, although certain basic infrastructure and services are lacking. The street right-of-way is relatively wide and challenging for pedestrians due to the absence of sidewalks along much of the corridor length. The grant-funded corridor study accomplished the following goals and objectives:
  • Plan for improved mobility and accessibility through enhanced mode choices and connectivity;
  • Support the economy and facilitate economic development by establishing a vision for a vibrant commercial / mixed use transportation corridor, and by improving regional mobility and accessibility for people and freight;
  • Enhance public safety through evaluation of travel mode opportunities and constraints, and identification of preferred improvements to make both motorized and non-motorized travel modes safer and more secure;
  • Reflect community values as a result of extensive public input via workshops and review of draft documentation;
  • Enhance the environment by promoting infill development and higher density within existing urbanized areas, thereby reducing farmland conversion and promoting energy conservation; and,
  • Achieve consistency with the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint and AB32, SB375, and AB1358.
On February 10, 2015, City Council accepted the following Crows Landing Corridor Study.

More Information

For more information about this project, please call the Community & Economic Development Department at 209-577-5267.

Corridor Study