Water Plans & Reports

Water Reports

The City of Modesto domestic water system supplies water to communities in the surrounding region including Waterford, Hickman, Del Rio, Salida, Empire, Grayson, and small portions of Ceres and Turlock. Since 1995, the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant (MRWTP) has provided treated surface water to the City of Modesto water system. Remaining water needs are met with well water. This mixed use of both surface water and groundwater has ensured delivery of safe, reliable drinking water to the Modesto area, while minimizing the impact to the groundwater supply.

Riverdale Water System Improvements Project

The City of Modesto is coordinating with the Riverdale Park Tract Community Services District (RPTCSD) utilizing State grant funding and supporting resources to construct improvements to the Riverdale Water System. This project will bring the water system up to City Standards as part of an effort for the City of Modesto to provide the Riverdale Community with City-supplied water in place of the District’s groundwater well.  A Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) has been completed and posted below for public review. Please see the posted Notice of Availability for instructions to comment on the IS/MND.

Environmental Documents

Digital appendix are available upon request by emailing us.  

Master & Management Plans

Regulatory & Public Health Reports