Will the Housing Plan include community input?

Community feedback is fundamental to the Housing Plan, and the Plan tasks and workflow have been structured to get input at major milestones through public workshops, stakeholder interviews, and continued engagement throughout.

Four public workshops are planned as part of the Housing Plan effort:

  • Workshop 1: Introducing the Housing Plan – October 2021
  • Workshop 2: Opportunity Sites – November 2021
  • Workshop 3: Zoning and Policy Recommendations – January 2022
  • Workshop 4: Draft Housing Plan – March 2022

At each public workshop, the design team will present the work completed to date, get comprehensive feedback on design decisions, alternatives, and clearly outline next steps. The four workshops are planned as online (Zoom) evening workshops (5:30 to 7:30 pm) to maximize participation. All project deliverables and relevant content will also be made available on a dedicated project webpage, that will also be used for surveys and continued feedback through the life of the project.

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6. Will the Housing Plan include community input?
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