Why are rates increasing twice, once in July 2022 and again in January 2023?

The City staggered increases to reduce the burden of rate increases on ratepayers. Since everyone will be getting the third recycling container, the City did not want to charge the ratepayers for the recycling blue bin ahead of time. Instead, we divided the rate increase into the components of SB 1383 that began in 2022, such as increased waste sorting, inspections, education and outreach, and composting expansions, and the components that begin in 2023, such as collection and processing of recyclables.

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1. What is SB 1383?
2. Why do we need a new container?
3. When will I get the third container for recycling?
4. Will my rate increase again?
5. Why are rates increasing twice, once in July 2022 and again in January 2023?
6. What happens if I do not separate my waste correctly?
7. How do I know where to put cardboard or paper products?
8. How often will they be picked up?
9. Do I need to have all the containers? Can I just have one or two and pay less?
10. I don’t have space for the Recycling container, I don’t want it
11. I already take my recycling to a Collection Center
12. What happens to waste in each container?
13. Can I self-haul my own waste?
14. Can I share my service with someone else?
15. How to I prevent issues from odor and pests?
16. Can I use compostable bags?
17. Do residents have to donate surplus edible food under the law?
18. Where can I find more information on the law?
19. I have a complaint or issue with my service or the City’s programs. What can I do?
20. What goes in which container?