Sharrow (Shared Lane)

Sharrows are used to guide bicyclist on streets that do not have bike lanes.  Sharrows recommend where it is generally safest for the bicyclist to ride, positioned toward the middle of a lane.  This position reminds bicyclist to ride far enough away from the parked vehicles to avoid being struck by suddenly opened car doors.  Sharrows also guide bicyclist toward the center of the lane to discourage unsafe passing within the same lane.

  • Sharrows serve to alert motorist that bicyclists may be using the full travel lane.  To pass a bicyclist who is using the full lane or a lane with sharrows, a motorist should wait for a safe opportunity to move entirely into an adjacent lane.
  • Additionally, "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" signs remind all of us that people have the right to use the full travel lane, using a bicycle or a vehicle.