Fire Prevention

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The Fire Prevention Division's main objective is to educate the community and reduce the risk of fire thus protecting the lives, welfare, and economic vitality of our community. We do this by providing a variety of services such as:

  • Plan checks and inspections
  • Investigation of fire and safety code complaints and violations
  • Testing of fire protection systems
  • Public Education and Safety
  • Issuing permits for operations involving fire safety
  • Fire Code enforcement
  • Waterflows


The Fire Prevention Division is composed of highly trained and dedicated professionals consisting of:

  • 1 Administrative Assistant
  • 5 Fire Prevention Inspectors
  • 1 Deputy Fire Marshal
  • 1 Fire Marshal

Plan Checks

A Deputy Fire Marshal reviews plans and specifications to ensure compliance with the fire protection and life-safety provisions of the Codes adopted at State and Local level. 


An important part of fire prevention is record keeping. Keeping records and files on all uses regulated by the California Fire Code provides the fire official with information on what, where, how or when specific hazards are installed, stored or used.

Hazardous Materials

The permit process assists Modesto Fire Department personnel in regulating occupancies that store or use hazardous materials.

Fire Prevention Education

For information about Fire Prevention Education please contact us. You may also visit the United States Fire Administration website.

Please stop by our office! Call, write, or FAX us if we can assist you with any fire safety matter.