It has been 22 years since the Tuolumne River Regional Park (TRRP) Master Plan was last updated. The most recent TRRP Master Plan, adopted in 2001, included goals to enhance recreational amenities, environmental values, and conservation efforts. Much of the groundwork for achieving these goals have been completed. Notable TRRP projects completed since 2001 include: 

  • Gateway Parcel Development, Phase 1.1 Project 
  • Gateway Parcel Development, Phase 1.2 Project 
  • Gateway Parcel Development, Phase 1.3 Project 
  • Gateway Parcel Development, Phase 2 Project 
  • Carpenter Road Area Soccer Complex, Phase 1 Project 
  • Implementation of Vegetation Management Strategies 
  • Recreation, Walking/Bike Trail Network Development  

Furthermore, various park development improvements are in the works, including the following upcoming construction projects:

  • Mary Grogan Grove, Picnic Area B and Restroom Replacement Project 
  • Legion Park River Pavilion and Learning Theater Project 
  • Gateway Parcel, River Overlook Boardwalk Project 
  • Gateway Parcel to Neece Drive, Riverwalk Trail Extension Project 
  • Neece Drive Boat Launch and River Access Project 
  • Carpenter Road Area Soccer Complex, Phase 2 Project

The current TRRP Master Plan Update 2023 strives to build upon the ideas from the 2001 Master Plan by adding additional recreational opportunities to meet the needs of the changing community and expanding efforts to develop a strategic revenue structure for long-term growth and sustainability of the TRRP.  

In the past two decades, there have been shifts to economic conditions, site opportunities, and site constraints that have shaped both opportunities and challenges to recreation at the TRRP. Over the years, significant improvements to specific areas of the TRRP have allowed the community to better experience and engage with, recreate, and enjoy the Tuolumne River, while addressing the need to enhance riparian conservation efforts.  

To accommodate both current and future public uses of the TRRP, and align with current planning efforts, the Tuolumne River Regional Park Master Plan Update 2023 will provide a shared vision of local community and its multiple jurisdictions to meet sustainable, educational, ecological, recreational, and connectivity goals. The TRRP Master Plan Update 2023 is meant to be a dynamic and forward-thinking, innovative, and comprehensive plan that will guide the Tuolumne River Regional Park Joint Powers Association (TRRP JPA) leaders to conserve and improve the park over the next ten to twenty years. Although the entire TRRP will be studied during this Master Plan Update process, a more intensive focus of design will be conducted for particularly areas where more public input and feedback is be requested by the Joint Powers Association including the following areas of the TRRP: Legion Park Area, Northern Half of the Gateway Parcel (Downtown) Area, Golf Course (Neece Drive) Area, and Carpenter Road Area. 

The core purpose of the Master Plan Update is to be a usable document for the TRRP Joint Powers Association in assessing needs and providing recommendations to strategically plan and support the future of Tuolumne River Regional Park. Public participation is strongly encouraged.