Bike Lane Videos

You may have noticed that recently many new Bike Lane features have been installed throughout the City of Modesto. These videos will provide information on how to properly use these bike lanes, whether your vehicle of choice is a bike or a car. The City of Edmonton in Alberta Canada has so kindly allowed us to use these videos for educational and outreach purposes. In 2014 The City of Edmonton received a "Transportation Safety Council Edmund R. Ricker award" from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) for the production of the "LEGO Bicycle Education Videos Outreach Program." These videos are fun and informative, so sit back, watch and learn about how to use bike lanes.
Breaking Barriers With Building Blocks Cover

Bicycle Police the Case of the Dashed Bike Lane

Bike Attitude & Awareness

Coaching Corners Left Turns for Cyclists

Get Behind It - The Bike Box 3 Way Intersection

Dial S for Sharrow

Get Behind It - The Bike Box 4 Way Intersection