Can I use compostable bags?

Organic material, including food waste, paper waste, cardboard, and yard waste, that is placed in your green organics container is taken to the City’s Compost Facility and converted to rich, organic compost. You can place this material directly into the container, or in paper bags, cardboard boxes

Compostable bags require approval by the City for use.  If you choose to use compostable bags for our organics waste, please follow the below process:

Compostable Bag Process

  1. Find the right bag. Look for compostable bags that can be used in a municipal or commercial composting operation.

Terms to Look For:

  • Compostable (100%, certified)
  • Compostable in commercial or home compost facilities
  • Look for certification under ASTM International Standards D6400

Terms to Avoid:

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Made of Recycled Material, Recovered Plastic
  • Made of plants

   2. Email the Solid Waste Division pictures of front and back of the package or a link to the internet page for the ones you wish to purchase and your address. If there is a certification organization, please include that in the picture. The Solid Waste Division needs to ensure that the bag will break down in our composting process.

   3. Once you have received the approval, the City will email your solid waste hauler that you are approved to use compostable bags. Without this approval, the hauler may see bags in your green organics container, think that they are regular plastic, and tag the container for contamination. You cannot use compostable bags in the green organics container without emailing the City and receiving approval.

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