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Application for Home Business Permit and Agreement

  1. Is your Mailing Address different from your Business Address?*
  2. Please enter in cross streets between business address.
  3. Sales and/or Services Conducted:*
    (check all that apply)
  4. Average number of customers coming to the home for business purposes:

    For example: appointments, picking up, training, consultations, etc.

  5. Is the business a Cottage Foods Operation?*
    A Cottage Food Operation is an enterprise at a private home where low risk foods products are prepared or packaged for sale to consumers. If yes, contact planning division at 209-577-5267.
  6. Acknowledgement*
    I declare under penalty of perjury that I have read and hereby agree to abide by all the rules and limitations for operating a Home Business in the City of Modesto.
  7. Note: If we receive a complaint about the operation of the business, it is our duty to investigate so that we can verify the facts and help to make corrections or adjustments so that the problems can be solved. Our desire is to help both the complainant and the licensee. If you have any questions, please call the Planning division at 209-577-5267. Mail the top two copies to the City of Modesto, P.O. Box 3442, Modesto, CA, 95353.

  8. Provide your digital signature in order to indicate your agreement with the terms of this application. Your digital signature must be between two forward-slash (/) symbol. An example of a valid digital signature is /John Doe/.
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